The Best Tire Inflators
The Best Tire Inflators

Industrial and academic project ( industrial student project for university ) with pic micro controllers ( PIC16F877  + 7-Segment display )

This project includes program c with pic c compiler

It is 100% tested and has high safety against noise and power fluctuations

If you want to produce this project, you can get the schematic and pcb file along with the source file c just by paying 200 Tether (equivalent to $ 200) to the payment address below.

My Public Address to Receive USDT TBMwqwQoUG8D6yt7xcjQdQdKRAs2v5VtLw

Pay me via Trust Wallet:

We are with you from the beginning to the end of our production and we are at your service wherever you need help and guidance

We will give you 100% of the manufacturing and assembly technology for a fee of 200 Tether

We will email you all the files as soon as we are sure of the amount.

  • Features
  • LED light
  • 188 PSI max pressure
  • 7 Segments Digital display
  • Automatic pump with auto-shutoff technology
  • Multiple nozzles
  • Stop Alarm
  • Hi resulution

You will receive the following files from us

Schemtic file _ Altium designer

Pcb file _ Altium designer

Bill of Material (BOM) _ Altium designer

Net list file_ Altium designer

Sourc C file PIC C Compiler ( PIC_CCS )

Hex file for programming

Order for project with Delta & Fatek plc and all kinds of industrial and student projects with microcontroller is accepted

Order the project from you do the project with us

Contact us:

WhatsApp & Telegram  +989108473394

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Automatic tire inflator